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Production History

Kingfisher Days

September 12 - 28, 2008

Our third season opened with a United States premiere: Kingfisher Days by the Toronto, Canada actor and writer Susan Coyne. This sweet memory play conveys a child’s sense of magic and possibility with a grownup streak of humor.

Kingfisher Days depicts a summer vacation at the Coyne family cottage on Ontario’s Lake of the Woods. Too young to play with her older brothers and sister, and too old for her baby brother, five year-old Susan is lonely and bored. Elderly Mr. Moir, a summer neighbor, lets her help with his garden, and introduces her to the wonders of literature. Events turn magical when Susan discovers, hidden in an old fireplace, a letter from a fairy – the proud Princess Nootsie Tah.

The three-person cast of Kingfisher Days included Holly Allen in the role of Susan as both adult and child, Buddy Raper as Mr. Moir, and other characters, and Jennifer Richmond as Princess Nootsie Tah and others.

Writing in the Nashville Scene, Martin Brady called the show "delightful" and "thoroughly engaging."
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